What To Do With Old Bowling Balls? – 9 Useful Ways For You

You probably keep a bowling ball for a long time. But at one point, you need to replace them with a new one. What do you do with the old one? Or do you have any other ideas for that object?

Some people think that they can just throw it away. This post will illustrate some ideas about what to do with old bowling balls. Let’s discover now!

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What To Do With Old Bowling Balls? 

The old bowling ball can be beneficial in many ways - SportPreferred

The old bowling ball can be beneficial in many ways

If you have an old bowling ball lying around, there are several things you can do with it. Here are some ideas:


For example, if the bowling ball has been maintained in good condition for three to four years (i.e., none of the sharp edges have worn down or small chips have developed), it would still be worth keeping. 

On the other hand, if three or more years have elapsed without repair, the item should probably be thrown out. It seems to be much less nice and worthy of your time. 

What you have to do next depends on whether your lane is wood or synthetic because sometimes it does come down to that. The first thing would be what many people consider a sign of surrender in life but prepares one for victory as seen in the world of sports – resurfacing!

Sanding your ball back down to either a scratch-resistant or reactive coverstock ensures resiliency and smoothness so it can achieve more scores than spare pins. 

Add the compound to the grit pad, then polish the surface with polish after sanding. Remove any residue afterward.

Contact Your Local Recycling Facility

Conduct a telephone call with your regional recycling company and ask for the details regarding their recycling regimens. 

Strive to find out what info you can get from what goes into producing a ball of its type, down to the specific core. If they can recycle, the diameter of these directions will be given and exactly how to get it to its recycling location.

Donate It 

Donating used items is a good idea - SportPreferred

Donating used items is a good idea!

If you’re a bowler or just happen to have any old equipment lying around, it may be time to start recycling your unused items! 

Secondhand goods are in demand as many places such as art schools, colleges, and even museums accept donations like a bowling ball. 

They are used in various ways, including art projects and displays. If you don’t know of any specific establishments that accept these types of charitable gifts, simply call your local hotels, bars, or resorts, and they will happily direct you to one nearby.

Some other suggested places you can donate: 

  • Shooting ranges
  • Famers
  • Retirement center
  • Zoos
  • Youth Centers
  • Thrift stores

Use It As A Gift

A great place to look for possible renovations is at local pro-shops, as they’ll all have new or used gear that’s just been refurbished that would otherwise be going to waste. 

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with a large skate community, there are probably quite a few skaters who come by frequently after they get a torn board repair or broken truck replacement, so ask around!

Artwork Repurposing

The easiest way to repurpose the old bowling ball is by using them for decoration. You can use them to create an interesting focal point or even a relaxing place to sit with an interesting book in your hand and wait for the sunshine. 

There is much different bowling ball art you can showcase on your shelf, depending on how you like things arranged. In other words, there are multiple possibilities in terms of the aesthetics of your home.

You can take your balls to various DIY projects by turning them into art canvases or even choosing them to be customized as gifts. 

All you need to do is follow these easy steps: 

  • Get a safe workspace and wipe down your item, then grab a stencil and then some paint. 
  • Place the stencil on the ball and let it dry completely before spraying.

Backyard Game

There are many ways that people enjoy bowling. For instance, you can use this massive ball for fun in the backyard. Recycle it by creating an amazing outdoor game for anyone to play in your yard, encouraging neighbors and friends to come over as you have a party or special event! 

You should be able to discover various bowling game ideas on the internet, such as trying to toss the ball as far as possible!

Water Features Making

Bowling ball garden - SportPreferred

Bowling ball garden 

A Bowling Ball Bubbler can be created by reutilizing spray paint and repurposing a used bowling ball with seashells, rope, or camo tape to make it look like bubbles. 

Create a fountain with your new decoration and place a bowling ball bubbler inside so the bubbler appears to be in motion when the water is flowing.

Lawn Decorations

It may be useful to decorate your garden with bowling balls, or you may wish to give them to a fellow gardener. Take a look at eight ways to decorate your home’s exterior with this object.

  • A popular garden decoration, gazing balls, may be pricey to acquire. Use a used one instead, and you’ll save a lot of money!
  • Make a copper ball out of washers or coins and place it next to terracotta pots to enhance the marigolds.
  • Concrete planters made with a bowling ball mold are an Instructables project.
  • Bowling balls may be used as garden edging to create a border around flower and vegetable beds. A custom perimeter can also surround a tree. 

It is possible to increase the length of your item by halving them. While you’re doing it, you can use the gazing techniques to get creative with the edging.

  • Not everyone is blessed with a good thumbs up when it comes to flowers. Put your ball in colored pots to create a beautiful outdoor decoration that doesn’t require watering.
  • Decorate your fenceposts with your old balls to provide a gated entrance or your entire yard with a distinctive flair. To create a pleasant and imaginative play environment for youngsters, adorn them with lollipops.
  • You can transform your item into a birdbath by placing it in the middle of a small basin.
  • Use your stuff to create a billiard court in your backyard instead of spending thousands on a gigantic high-end table.


It won’t be easy to resell bowling balls you’ve used. You could sell your old or unused one for some extra cash. We believe the process won’t take too much time. A new or almost new bowling ball will fetch anywhere from $120-$200 in stores or online. 

When Should You Replace Your Bowling Ball?

Cracked bowling ball - SportPreferred

Cracked bowling ball

It’s impossible to predict when a bowling ball will cease bouncing back (but you can occasionally tell by looking!) – yet they may live for years and years if properly cared for. 

All bowling alleys have amazing ball exchange programs where you can walk in and obtain a fresh new one overnight. If you don’t your ball every week, count on replacing your item after two months, even if it looks excellent.

The bowling one, like many sporting equipment items, can benefit from routine maintenance. You can use wet sanding and polishing to restore the sheen to your ball if it has been sitting for a long period. 

Another problem you face when dealing with is that they don’t hook anymore. If you suspect this is happening to you, it might be time to replace your favorite item. 

When your ball produces hollow sounds as it makes contact with the pins and hits the base, it’s likely been overused.

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In summary,  you might be thinking about what to do with old bowling balls when considering buying a new one. Luckily, the blog post above should give you some good ideas on where to donate or how to sell them. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call. Thank you for reading, and we hope that you found this blog helpful!

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