What Is No-Tap Bowling? – The Right Answer to You

Bowling is a recreational sport in which each player throws a heavy ball to knock over the kegel at the end of the lane with as few hits as possible. 

One of the most popular terms in this game is “no tap bowling.” You’ve probably heard of no-tap bowling if you’ve ever played bowling. It is, in fact, a game rule. Let us explain what is no-tap bowling in more detail.

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What Is No-Tap Bowling?

‘No-tap’ is a rare occurrence in bowling. That is the reason why most of us are unaware of it.

Therefore, what does no-tap mean in bowling? It means you don’t need to knock down all ten pins on the first throw to score a strike. 

what does no-tap mean in bowling - SportPreferred
what does no-tap mean in bowling?

Overall, a no-tap value indicates how many pins the bowler must hit down for a strike is assigned before the game begins.

In general, the USBC organizes these bowling tourneys for players who are not as talented or unable to knock down all of the Kegels. 

Even though 9-pin no-tap seems to be the most popular, there are other variations such as 8-pin no-tap (you could indeed hit down nine pins and still counted as a strike), 7-pin no-tap (throwing 7/8/9 pins to receive a strike), and so on. 

You can even set up 0-pin no-tap bowling, but that makes it sound too simple and meaningless. In most situations, the strike in a no-tap bowling game requires getting hit nine pins.

Scoring No-Tap Bowling Game

Once the no-tap rule is in effect, the scoring method is identical to standard bowling scoring. 

Supposing you’re not participating in suicide no-tap, you hit a 9 or 10 in a 9-pin game, you get the strike, and your turn will be over. 

That frame is then provided to your score as a strike, and you are eligible for the normal scoring bonuses that come with a strike in a regular game.

When you don’t knock down the required number of pins in a no-tap rule, you get a break. That’s not good.

The point differential between a no-tap and regular bowling challenge rises as fewer pins are requested to get a strike. 

Scores in 7-pin tournaments can soar, but not so much in 9-pin competitions. Suicide matches, of course, tend to result in significantly lower scores.

More Details About 9-Pin No Tap Bowling

Keep reading to answer the questions: what is 9-pin no-tap bowling and how about rules?

What Is “9-Pin, No-Tap” Bowling? 

What Is 9-Pin, No-Tap Bowling - SportPreferred
What Is 9-Pin, No-Tap Bowling?

The term “no-tap” means you are not obliged to hit down all of the ten Kegels at once for a strike. The 9-pin no-tap bowling means the bowler has to only hit nine out of ten pins in the first attempt to get a strike.

Pins in 9-pin no-tap bowling are slightly larger than those in a 10-pin bowling game. 

Although 10-pin bowling is more popular in the United States, 9-pin bowling is prevalent in Texas and throughout Europe. 

Besides 10-pin bowling, where the pins resemble a triangular shape, 9-pin bowling has the pins framed up to form a diamond pattern with King Pin at the center in the red.

The 9-pin no-tap bowling is a popular method to provide less skilled and fresh bowlers with a competitive advantage over professional bowlers. 

For instance, in a tournament between children and adults, a 9-pin no-tap style can give children a better playing advantage over their elders.

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How About Rules

9-pin bowling, the most prevalent type of no-tap bowling, awards a strike to any bowler who hits nine pins on the first hit. 

Each bowler has two turns. In this case, each player will have three balls at all times. Skittles must be set up after each ball.

The strike in a bowling game is a scoring system denoted by the letter X on the scoreboard. It is worth 10 points plus a bonus of whichever score you achieve on the next two turns.

In addition, the mark on the two remaining throws after the strike is duplicated, providing the player and team a scoring opportunity.

If a bowler knocks down the remaining Kegels to get all 9 Kegels in the second ball, this is called a spare. 

You’re asking about spares for the 9-pin no-tap bowling game. You must receive the spare as regular when you see more than one pin standing after your first throw. 

For example, if you pulled down six pins after your first ball and have three pins remaining, you must hit down those three pins on your next ball to gain a spare.

Spares are extremely important because they take the same as usual scoring. Leaving open frames is the simplest way to ruin a great game. Remember that a match with all shuttered frames is usually about 200.

Why Is 9-Pin Bowling Prohibited In The US? 

Why Is 9-Pin Bowling Prohibited In The US - SportPreferred
Why Is 9-Pin Bowling Prohibited In The US?

The 9-pin bowling game was outlawed in the United States in the 1830s. This game seemed illegal due to social issues about the game’s alleged evil influences. Workers are spending time off to play instead of going to work. 

Another reason cited was the game’s alleged role in fostering a culture of violence and crime. 

Bowling gained a negative reputation since bowling alleys are mostly located in bars and pubs, and it was associated with immoral activities such as drinking and gambling.

People made some adjustments to the game’s rules to be legal. Players added the tenth pin to get around the law, boosting the more prevalent and innovative 10-pin bowling.


Bowling is a gentle sport because the elderly can also play, both entertaining and increasing the health of the body.

Moreover, this no-tap rule is an excellent way to allow children to bowl alongside adults or to create a bowling game prize fund in which everyone who participates has an opportunity to win.

We hope to help you better understand the question: what is no-tap bowling? And become a professional in the bowling game. 

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