What Basic Equipment Is Needed For Bowling? Bowling Essentials

Bowling is an interesting sport that gives you physical strength and mental relaxation. If you’ve started to play bowling or played it for years, you still need to prepare yourself many basic items. 

You may ask what basic equipment is needed for bowling, what items you should have to play this sport effectively, etc. But more importantly, bowling essentials help you prevent serious injuries during your game.

So, this article will show you a list of necessary bowling items that you should equip to have a fun and safe game. Now, let’s scroll down!

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What Basic Equipment Is Needed For Bowling?

Bowling Balls

The Most Essential Equipment Is A Bowling Ball - SportPreferred

The Most Essential Equipment Is A Bowling Ball

The first and most vital bowling equipment for beginners is a bowling ball. A good bowling ball helps you target the pins more precisely and get strikes. 

For any type of bowling, such as ten-pin or candlepin bowling, balls are important, and you should choose carefully. If you play with friends, balls with standard features are suitable for an amazing game. 

But when you’re in tournaments, we advise purchasing a customized bowling ball depending on your hand and finger size. It will give you a comfortable feeling to do your fingertip grips.

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Quality Bowling Shoes

Quality Bowling Shoes Help You Perform Better - SportPreferred

Quality Bowling Shoes Help You Perform Better

The next essential piece of equipment you need to prepare is bowling shoes. Every sport requires different types of shoes, and so does bowling. You can easily purchase bowling shoes in any bowling center and wear them when walking on the lane.

Normal shoes may be designed with frictional soles, so your footing can be trapped on a slick surface and get injured. However, bowling shoes are designed to move smoothly and quickly on the lane, allowing you to take a long run, throw the ball towards your targets, and avoid foot injuries.

A Hard-holed Bowling Ball

The bowling ball is the factor that decides the chance to hit the pins and knock them down many times so that you can win in the match. Purchasing the ball with three hard holes will help your fingers grip them securely while throwing the ball. 

Choose which fingers are best for lifting the ball, but don’t overlook the thumb. A thumb is the biggest finger that holds a lot of power to generate good throws.

A Microfiber Towel

A Microfiber Towel Is Used To Wipe Sweats - SportPreferred

Microfiber Towel Is Used To Wipe Sweats

Microfiber towels are necessary for whatever sport you participate in. However, with bowling games, microfiber towels are much more important.

You can use a bowling microfiber cloth in two simple ways. When the lane’s surface becomes too greasy, use the cloth to wipe your ball so that it can target correctly. 

The second one is to wipe your sweat. When you’re in a match, pressure will make you sweat too much, causing your hands to be oily and making it hard to keep the ball. So, use a microfiber towel to eliminate this problem and get good strikes.


Wristbands Help Prevent Injuries - SportPreferred

A Wristbands Help Prevent Injuries

Wristbands help tighten your grips and give you a comfortable feeling. It prevents your grips from shaking and reduces painful experiences when you throw the ball. 

If you practice too much, your wrist will also hurt and get injured. Exercising without protective equipment is a risk, especially when you do intensive and constant releases. The extreme practice gradually makes your hands shiver, and it is not easy to keep the ball tightly.

Then, shaking your hands will result in a bad curled throw, something you never look forward to when bowling in front of audiences. That’s why wristbands are here to help you handle this situation. 

Bowling Gloves

Gloves Prevent Serious Joint Pains - SportPreferred

Gloves Prevent Serious Joint Pains

Bowling gloves are sometimes disregarded when we discuss bowling essentials; however, they perform an important function and should be considered a necessary bowling item.

When tossing the bowling ball, your ligaments and joints will suffer excessive strain if you don’t pay attention. This situation can lead to a serious injury that can end your career. Therefore, you must ensure that your limbs and joints are protected by wearing bowling gloves when playing in the lane.

Grip Tape

It will become a useful assistant if you know how to take advantage of tape when bowling. A grip tape offers you a better grip on the bowling ball. Therefore, the ball will be released precisely without getting loose and spilling out of your hands during an intensive match.

When the grip tape sticks to the bowling ball, you can handle the ball better, especially when you sweat a lot. If you use the grip tape correctly, it will assist you in taking a right and perfect stroke. So, equipping a grip tape is a good option for important pieces of bowling equipment.

Comfortable Athletic Outfits

Bowling Outfits Give You A Comfortable Feeling - SportPreferred

Bowling Outfits Give You A Comfortable Feeling

Sometimes, you may think that wearing sporty outfits is unnecessary because your usual clothes are good enough while playing this sport. However, if you try comfortable bowling outfits for once, you’ll see a huge difference. 

Bowling or athletic clothes are often designed to make players swiftly move when they strike instead of controlling their motion. If you don’t like bowling outfits, you can try sporty clothes as long as they fit your body and are made of airy materials.

When you feel comfortable with the outfits, your performance will be better. 

Bowling Bags

Bowling Bags Can Carry A Lot Of Items - SportPreferred

Bowling Bags Can Carry A Lot Of Items

Do you wonder about bowling essentials for professional bowlers? A large bowling bag will be your ideal option if you’re a pro player. In long-term tournaments, you will need a spacious and firm bowling bag to carry many bowling items. 

You should choose a quality bag that contains various pockets and areas to keep your bowling items inside, such as balls, shoes, different outfits, gloves, grip tape, wristbands, and other small items.  

Bowling bags are often costly if made of leather, but they’re worth the price. However, you can purchase a bowling bag at a more affordable price as long as it has multiple small areas to keep your bowling items.

Powder Grip Sacks

Are your hands often sweaty? We understand that this annoying problem usually happens when you participate in intensive matches. Sweating too much makes your hands difficult to hold the ball tightly and easy to miss your target when releasing the ball. 

That’s why you need to use a powder grip sack to dry your sweaty hands. A powder grip sack does not cost you too much, so you can buy it easily through many online shopping platforms.  

Compression Arm Sleeves

If you have health problems like elbow tendonitis, osteoarthritis, or suffer from serious joint pain, compression arm sleeves will be a perfect assistant during your match. 

Remember to choose the right sleeves as they play a key role in protecting your muscles, boosting blood flow, and improving your general arm conditions. 

Compression arm sleeves also help you recover from arm injuries quickly and avoid long-term arm pain.


What basic equipment is needed for bowling? We’ve provided you with a full list of necessary items that you need to prepare before bowling. These items will give you comfortable feelings, make your game more interesting, and, most importantly, prevent injuries.

Hopefully, you’ll find the bowling essentials you need to improve your bowling match and be more confident while playing.

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