What are bowling pins made of?

Not only football, but the bowling sport is now also known by a large number of people around the world. This is a highly entertaining game that helps people reduce stress in daily life. However, people only focus on playing and very few people pay attention to the structure of Bowling Pins.

If you were asked about the material that makes the product, what would you think of? Maybe it’s plastic, metal, and many others, but it won’t be what you think. So are you curious about what are bowling pins made of?

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What are bowling pins made of?

Many people are surprised to know the material that makes Bowling Pin. You will not expect that it looks so rigid from the outside, but the material is made of wood. However, it has not been reused there, its main material is wood but not ordinary wood. It is divided according to inside and outside.

What Are Bowling Pins Made Of - Bowling pins and balls
Is the material of bowling pins really what people think?

The inside material

Wood also has many main types, so when making a pin, it is also necessary to choose the material. Cheap and poor-quality products cannot be used because they will quickly lose their use-value. Only hard maple wood blocks are enough basis to make it.

It is not easy to choose the material to make this product. One has to find out in detail from the wood supply locations. It must be in places with high mineral concentrations to create rare and high-quality woods.

The outside material of the product

The main material is wood made inside the outer layer is just a layer of paint that people paint to decorate Bowling Pins. Besides, the outer layer also has the effect of protecting the inside. However, when painting, the people who make the product also consider very carefully what type of paint is suitable and how to paint the best. Because if painted incorrectly, This product can become heavier and difficult to use.

The process of coating the product also has to go through 7 layers of implementation. Use the first layer to seal the voids of the wood. Followed by a layer to provide better adhesion. Then continue to add 5 layers until the end of the 7 coat process.

Bowling pins are made from wood material
The product is made from wood material


When did people know the wood material for Bowling Pins?

Not since the very beginning, bowling balls have been made of wood. Often people will think that the original material for the current dictionary has not changed. But at the beginning of the 20th century, it was only made from wood.

Bowling is known as a sport with a long history. Throughout the ages, there have always been many games where someone rolled the ball across an area trying to pin. But usually, the unremarkable ball is usually small and smooth. Bowling pins were born to help people no longer get bored with this game.

In the early days of the 20th century, many newbies felt that playing according to the old balls was really boring and wanted new ones. From there, larger and more modern bowling balls were born. The earliest balls were made from wood by manufacturers, especially of lignum vitae.

How to Play Bowling for Beginners

If you are a new player, you must learn to know how this sport is played. Try it a few times and you will get used to it and play it easier.

Hold the ball in the right position

Grab a bowling ball to join the game, stand in the starting position. After you have chosen for yourself a suitable Bowling ball, you pick up the ball and go to the correct position in front of the Bowling lane. Place your hands on the marked positions on the ball. You can use 2 hands, one hand to hold and then release to throw the other hand…

Run for momentum and approach the throw line

The most basic and standard position when you approach the Throw Line is to stand with your back straight, shoulders straight towards the target, and knees slightly bent. The back is slightly tilted forward and the throwing arms are extended straight down. The pitcher and the pivot foot will be on opposite sides (For example, the left foot is the right thrower and vice versa.)

Aim and Throw Direction

On the Bowling Runway, you will see 7 arrows in front indicating the direction of the pitch. If you are a beginner, you should aim straight in the middle of the bowling lane to throw. When the skill has developed, you can turn left, right depending on your purpose.

Drop the ball

Try to keep your body straight, do not rotate to make sure the ball goes as straight as your target. Rotate your arms slightly to release the ball from the fingertips. The thumb will come out first, then the other two fingers. Keep your eyes on the target you’re aiming for as you drop the ball.

What Are Bowling Pins Made Of thing to know


Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Is the bowling pin made of wood?

As introduced, the bowling pin is made of hard maple wood. Pins can also be made of plastic but it is intended for children only.

#2 How many bowling pins are there actually?

In the bowling game, the most popular type is ten pins, which are played by many people. When playing you will have to throw in those 10 pins. Besides there is also nine-pin bowling, you will have to deal with 9 pegs to win.

#3 How are the holes inside the pins?

People often think it’s empty inside. But that’s not the case, it’s made of hard maple so it’s a seamless block.

#4 Are bowling pins heavy?

Compared to the bowling ball, the pin is much heavier to keep balance. One will weigh about 7 kg.

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Above is some introductory information about Bowling pins that have been shared for you to have more understanding. Hopefully, through that, you will get the answer to the question: “What are bowling pins made of?”

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