How to make bowling shoe covers in a few easy steps

The fact of the matter is that many people tend to underestimate the importance of creating covers for shoes in bowling games. There are even people who don’t know what they are. Let’s learn how to make bowling shoe covers

As simple as its name suggests, it creates an outer layer of protection for your favorite bowling shoes. As a result, it helps prolong the life of your shoes by protecting them from damaging and irritating elements like plaque, dirt, residue, and other environmental hazards. So, to avoid negative effects for shoes, let’s make shoe covers.

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How to make bowling shoe covers

With the step-by-step guide about how to make covers for shoes below, you can create a shoe cover quickly.

  • Consider the material for your shoe covers
  • Consider the design
  • Measure and look around
  • Stitch
  • Add elasticity to the edges

1. Consider the material for your bowling shoe covers

Let’s start by choosing the materials you will use. It is true to say that durable materials make durable shoes. So, you should choose good-quality fabrics to create your shoe cover coating. Some materials are recommended for you like polyurethane and vinyl. In addition to being water-resistant, these materials also have excellent slip resistance.

 Durable materials mean durable shoes

Vinyl is known as an ideal material to form the sole of your shoe cover. In addition to being anti-slip, this material is also very easy to clean. The proof is that you can use a damp towel to wipe away the dirt on the sole.

Alternatively, it is wise to use any anti-water fabric that you can buy at convenience stores. Some other good options for you are terry cloth, an old curtain, and an old blanket.

Whatever you choose, always remember that the quality of the shoe cover is completely dependent on the material that you choose.

2. Consider the design for How to make bowling shoe covers

Choosing a good design is very important in helping you feel confident when wearing shoes. Thus, it will not do any good if it makes you too embarrassed when wearing them, right?



How to make bowling shoe covers - Design

Choosing a shoe cover design is very important

3. Measure and look around

Once you have chosen the right fabric and design for your shoe covers, grab your shoes to look around them.

It is wise to add 2-3 inches around your shoes. Thanks to that, you can get the best shape for your shoe.

4. Stitch

By overlocking stitches with a safety stitch for added durability, you can improve the performance and longevity of the shoe cover. Please consider that!

5.  Add elasticity to the edges

After completing the above 4 steps, it is time to add elasticity to the edges. This will make sure your covers fit your shoes snugly. If its elastic top is too tight, it may make you feel uncomfortable when using it for a long time. In case it is too loose, it also does not work well.

So you should make sure everything is tight enough. You can also line the overlays to help them to slide in and out of your shoes easily.

Why do we need covers for bowling shoes?

The soles of bowling shoes are often highly susceptible to moisture accumulation. In fact, this negatively impacts your sliding ability. Do not worry, it is why you need covers for shoes. It helps you avoid negative influences and allows you to bowl effectively. In particular, thanks to using it, you will not have to clean your shoes as often.


How to make bowling shoe covers

Shoe covers keep your shoes in top condition

On the other hand, it is inconvenient to wear different shoes when going bowling, right? Thanks to the use of shoe covers, you do not have to take off your shoes when going to the supermarket, restrooms, etc. Not only that, but bowling shoe covers also make it easy to store shoes inside your bowling bag.

Thus, there is no denying that shoe covers are a basic item that every bowler should equip.

Tips to take care of your bowling shoes

  • Do not put your shoes in your bag: Instead, they should be stored in a bowling bag to make sure the shoe does not lose its shape. In addition, you should also keep your shoes in a dry area.
  • Regularly disinfect and clean them: After using the shoe, you need to disinfect it thoroughly before storing it. You can use a toothbrush or sponge to make sure to remove stains or dirt. To avoid gouging the soles of your shoes, you should not rub too hard. So, be gentle!
  • Keep your bowling shoes dry: One of the most important things that you need to remember is that you should avoid letting your bowling shoes get wet. In case it gets wet, you need to dry it properly.
  • Wash your bowling shoe covers frequently: In addition to cleaning your shoes, you should also wash the shoe cover regularly, especially when it is contaminated with stains or dirt.

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Hopefully, this article provided enough information to help you understand how to make bowling shoe covers. It is true to say that you don’t always need to buy bowling accessories. Sometimes, it is fun to create something yourself.

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