How To Clean A Bowling Ball? All You Need To Know

When it comes to bowling, we all know that many things are very important to consider. Bowling balls are one of them, and you need to be very careful with what kind of ball you choose to use when you are at the bowling alley. 

You need to know exactly how to take care of your ball and ensure that you are using the correct ball for your game. Here is some useful information on How To Clean A Bowling Ball.

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How To Clean A Bowling Ball? Steps To Follow

Apply Microfiber Towel With Rubbing Alcohol

First, you will take some rubbing alcohol and pour it onto the piece of microfiber cloth or cleaning towel that you have. It’s important to saturate the cloth you are using for cleaning so that there is enough moisture to clean effectively. 

This will also help ensure that the ball doesn’t get scratched because the ball is made up of plastic, which means it’s hard. In general, increasing wetness decreases overall surface area tension; this will help ensure your cloth or cleaning towel won’t scratch its surface. 

Clean A Bowling Ball - SportPreferred

Also, as a result of rubbing alcohol on your ball, there will be no more germs lingering on its surface since we used an effective disinfectant!


Now it’s time to clean your bowling ball. Moisten a microfiber cloth, and then use the rag to sponge off any oil or grime that might be visible on the surface of your bowling ball. Remove everything from all angles for the best results. 

Next, place your hand inside the hole in the center of the bowling ball, grasp it tight, and remove any remaining residue with your fingernails from inside as well!

Use Cleaning Material

Once you’ve chosen whether you want to use a product or go with the DIY, wash your hands and make sure everything is completely cleaned up. Pour some warm water into a container and add some rubbing alcohol. 

Apply any dish soap or cleaner on top of the water and ensure that the solution is still in liquid form – it can be too strong if it’s thickened by now. Then apply the spray with your “liquid-proof cleaning material” via a soft brush onto your bowling ball. 

Keep applying to ensure the whole bowling ball has been thoroughly coated in the solution, but do not forget to spray all corners carefully to get an amazing cleaning!

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Cleaning Carefully The Ball

Protecting your finger holes is vital, so you’ll want to tape them up before cleaning your ball. Using the same microfiber towel as before, add some cleaning solution or polish to the inside of the finger holes and then give them a good rubbing with the towel. 

Make sure not to get any water in there! Remove the tape after that, and you should see a gleaming bowling ball waiting beneath.

Apply Sanitizer

Cleaning a bowling ball is a must during this period. Bowling ball sanitizing cleans the contaminated and gives it that shiny and bright look back. Apply disinfectant, and within a few days, you will experience your bowling ball at its best, unlike before when it was contaminated. 

Take care of cleaning pads and brushes, and maintain other tools used to clean the ball because this is the only method to achieve the greatest results in your home and local alley.

Bowling Ball Surface Maintenance

Bowling Ball Surface Maintenance - SportPreferred

Eliminate Oil Ring

When you throw the ball, it may not look very clean, but a thin layer of oil covers the ball’s surface. Since bowling balls are used in an oily medium made of plastic, there’s no surprise that some oil will be transferred to it each time you roll the ball. 

Over time, this can form a ring of oil around the ball – making it hazy or even dangerous because it could affect the ball’s decorum. Cleaning with soap and other cleaners is necessary for removing any remaining residue that sticks to your bowling ball after each game.

Remove Debris And Dust

While a bowling ball might look stunning, whether it is your favorite ball or one that you love the design of, it can get rather dirty after a while. Oily residue sticks to the bowling ball, which is why when the strike happens, the oil goes along with the pin.

Remove Marks And Stains

Sometimes, you might spill something on the bowling ball, and the stain can get onto the bowling ball. This can eventually become a mark and be permanently engraved onto the ball. 

So if you want to continue enjoying your nice-looking custom bowling ball without any marks or stains, it’s a good idea to clean it often using the right materials to ensure that it looks beautiful!

Increase Ball Longevity

If you don’t clean your bowling ball after about 5-10 games of use, you can damage it, and the game will become much harder. In some cases, it will even die out before the five years are up, and you will have to get a new one. 

If you are using a bowling ball that has been well maintained, however, it can live over ten years and still perform as if it were brand new!

How Often Is Bowling Ball Cleaning Needed?

You’d better clean your bowling ball after each use. Routine care is extremely important to prolong the amount of time before your ball needs replacement and ensure that it’s on the best performing side when you need it. 

How Often Is Bowling Ball Cleaning - SportPreferred

For instance, the oil in your lane creates a slippery residue on any ball that touches it when bowling. As each turn is over, you will notice oil tracks left on the ball’s surface from where it touched the lane and other pins and objects during its travel towards the pit. 

You must pay attention to these oil tracks and try to remove them promptly because if there is too much oil absorbed into the ball, then even after cleaning with a dry towel between each round, your ball will still not play or roll as straight or efficiently as it should have been doing all along!

Taking care of your bowling ball is critical when playing the game. Depending on how specialized your grip may be, you must pay particular attention to how often you’ve waxed your ball and how this oil tends to perform throughout your play session. 

You can use a microfiber towel to accomplish this decently as they are soft enough not to scratch the surface but tough enough not to break apart in the process. Be sure to rub down your bowling ball after every turn because it’s really important for anything leftover from previous turns, resulting in a thicker coat that is harder to remove. 

Also, make sure you take care of your bowling ball properly before leaving the arena by washing it with a specialized cleaner first and then wiping it down with a microfiber towel afterward. This will ensure nothing has been left behind.

Tips For Cleaning Bowling Balls

As mentioned before, a bowling ball’s longevity is guaranteed only with plenty of care and maintenance. Taking the time to wipe your ball down after using a microfiber cloth will make all the difference. Keeping your fingers crossed that no one spills their drink on it in the meantime will be important too!

It’s important to determine whether the spray acts as a degreaser, aiming for oil saturation not wrecking the ball. Resurfacing your ball is another method that bowlers can employ. 

Cleaning Bowling Balls - SportPreferred

Bowlers might correct their bowling ball surface at home, however, this solution does deliver some risks and associated drawbacks for inexperienced players who may sand off much more than their own expectation or do not get the grit amount on the ball. They can also deliver uneven covers on one part of their bowling ball that affects how it reacts in one gameplay.

To get the highest quality resurfacing for your bowling ball, visiting your local professional shop is a good idea. Pro shops offer high-speed spinners, several different grits, and polishes. 

They employ trained professionals who have learned how to personally press out your ball so that the core stays strong while guaranteeing there are no blemishes on the surface. These places have what you need to get in, get out, and be on your way back home with a perfectly polished sphere under your arm.

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When it comes to bowling, one of the most important pieces of equipment that you have is your bowling ball. A bowling ball can be a vital part of your game and is something that you will want to take great care of. 

When it comes to cleaning a bowling ball, there are a few different things that you can do. Hopefully, we have helped you with all you need on how to clean a bowling ball in the best way possible.

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