Top 9 Health Benefits of Bowling You Might Not Expect

Bowling is widely considered a good weekend activity for friends and family gatherings. However, besides being just a type of entertainment, bowling is also a good sport. 

In particular, bowling can improve your health, develop social skills and enhance social skills. To dive deep into these influences, scroll down to read the top 9 health benefits of bowling.

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Is Bowling Good For Your Health?

Yes, it is. Bowling is a healthy activity that will influence both your heart and mind. 

In terms of physical health, bowling can help reduce fat, lose weight, build muscle, and prevent illness. With an hour of bowling, you can reduce the number of calories equivalent to one hour of walking on a treadmill.

Bowling is good for your health - SportPreferred
Bowling is good for your health

You can improve your mental health while bowling. Typically, you will play bowling in a group, so you must interact with other people; talking with friends will relieve stress and break from life’s hustle. You also gain confidence after learning bowling.

We will dive deep into each benefit of bowling to your health in the next part.

Top 9 Health Benefits of Bowling

  • Develop Coordination

Please never look down on bowling or see it just as a “cheap”, typical pastime. In fact, you need to learn many different skill sets to play bowling well. For instance, to get down as many pins as possible, you need to “measure” the ball’s weight and calculate the ball’s forces and direction after throwing.  

Next, you must know how to stand properly, place the ball correctly, and maintain the posture to keep it as stable as possible. 

With all the mentioned points, it is obvious that you will develop coordination after bowling for a while because you have to learn how to coordinate your arms, muscles, attentiveness, legs, and body posture. So, why not start bowling today?

  • Burn Calories 

In the previous part, we mentioned that you must combine lots of body muscles to make a correct movement in bowling, right? You may not recognize it, but that is similar to doing cardiovascular exercise, too! To add-in, bowling also raises the flow of oxygen and blood in your body, making your breathing easier and more stable.

To be honest, we find cardio exercises quite boring and hard to follow if you do it yourself. You can pay for a PT course, but this is not a choice for every person because our PT services are pricey. So, just play bowling – it is fun and a good cardio exercise itself!

Considering bowling as a cardio exercise, an hour of bowling can help you lose from 100 to 400 calories, which is equivalent to 1 hour of walking. Seems worth trying, right?

However, please note that bowling cannot be as heavy as other exercises like jumping rope or running. It can be good as an extra, an addition to other main exercises, but don’t expect it much if you want to lose a bunch of weight.

  • Build Muscle

Do you know that bowling can help you gain muscle? When you play bowling, you must use both arms to lift a heavy ball and move your shoulders, legs, abdomen, and chest to throw the ball forward the pin. The throwing process also requires much muscle power, either. That is a lot of muscle training, but you can practice building muscles if you repeat the action many times.

Typically, there are ten rounds in a single bowling game. The player has two chances to knock down all pins in each frame. You have to throw the ball 20 times during a single bowling game. Players can burn many calories and train their body muscles.

Bowling pins - SportPreferred

Bowling pins

  • Prevent Illness

By practicing bowling in specific and other forms of exercise, you can burn excess fat, lose weight, relieve stress, and improve body portion and posture. Your mental health is also better, and your stress level is decreasing.

Thus, bowling will reduce the risk of having diseases. No fat, no stress, no harmful habits anymore – so fewer chances of having toxic components that can harm your body organs. As a result, the chances of having diabetes, heart attack, and stroke are dropped significantly.

Besides decreasing fat and toxic chemical components, you also have less cholesterol and lower blood pressure. The bone is denser and firmer, and more oxygen is in the blood.

  • Stress Relieve

Many people have confirmed the stress-relieving ability of sports. To be specific, there are many factors contributing to that influence, though.

First, when playing sports, your body will prioritize all energy to the muscles to help them move. For people who are working at their desks all day or rarely come out of the house, their bodies will have to extract even more energy during physical activities. They don’t even have time and energy to think about the stress without realizing it. They just enjoy the feeling of a dopamine boost.

Second, when people do sports frequently, their body portion becomes firmer, stronger, muscles bigger, and they can even lose weight. Such changes in appearance make them happier, and stress will slowly disappear.  

  • Gain Confidence

Practicing sports, especially bowling, will help lose weight and improve posture and a body portion. Men can even get more muscles, which is considered “sexy” and an indication of masculinity. That being said, they will have more confidence in themselves.

Also, bowling is considered a rare skill compared to other sports skills. So, whoever knows this skill must be proud of themselves for “standout” from others! They can use this ability to get a good first impression and hit on their favorite people, their crush, or even show off and bluff with their friends, right? 

A bowling alley - SportPreferred

A bowling alley

  • Improve Social Skills

When bowling, you cannot play alone. Usually, if you play bowling, you will go with friends, which means you have to interact with them, right? That is when you can improve your social skills.

Besides, you also need to talk, ask, discuss and bet with your friends while playing to make the game funnier. These changes like that make your social skills better. Sometimes, you can even meet new friends and widen your social circle when going to the bowling club!

  • Improve flexibility

Besides improving social skills, you also have a great chance to improve flexibility during bowling. In order to make a precise throw, you must stretch the arm, move the shoulder, twist them back, and lunge in a certain way.

Consequently, you can extend the muscles, joints, and ligaments, increasing flexibility in the upper part of your body if continuously repeated for a long term.

When the upper part is stretched and lifted, the lower body is counterbalancing to keep up. Such reactions cause the lower muscles and ligaments to flex and stretch too.

Bowling balls - SportPreferred

Bowling balls

  • Relationship bonding

As mentioned in #7, bowling is a good chance for you to get new friends and improve your social skills. However, it is also a good time to strengthen your relationship with your old acquaintances. Just imagine, we are people from different walks of life with different concerns. Sometimes, it is just hard to talk about our life. And the bonding is just slowly faded.

However, when you and your old relations go bowling, you guys share the same interest, which means you and them can discuss bowling. Then, with the feeling of being closer, you can strengthen the bonding by asking them further about life, listening to them, and caring about them. 

How Often Should You Play Bowling?

If you play bowling for fun, there is no limit. Just play when you feel like you want to and stop it when it is exhausted. As long as you feel the bowling game is interesting, that is enough because, in the end, bowling is considered your pastime.

However, if you want to play it for leagues, spending more time and dedication is a must, right? We recommend you practice at least 3 to 4 times a week, 3 to 4 games per session.

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Who Cannot Play Bowling?

In general, bowling is for everyone, regardless of gender or age. However, if you have heart problems or injuries in some joints such as the legs, arms, shoulders, or back, you should not play bowling because it will hurt your body even more.

What Should You Prepare Before A Bowling Session?

Here are some notes for you before your first bowling session:

  • It’s always better to go with friends than to be alone: It’s boring and unmotivated – and you don’t have anyone to compete with or guide you on how to do it properly!
  • Prepare good shoes: a pair of high-quality shoes is what you need to get a good kickstart.
  • Choose a proper ball: heavy balls are for experienced people and light ones for children. It’s better to know your range to select the right one than to try the strongest.

Can People Over 50 Years Old Play Bowling?

Old people can play bowling - SportP

Old people can play bowling, too!

Yes, you can. In fact, there is no age limit for bowling. As long as you have great health and a body without any injury, you can join in the game. From a 5-year-old boy to a 60-year-old man, there is no issue.

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Final Thoughts

We have dived deep into the top 9 health benefits of bowling in this post. The bowling sport is super entertaining, but it is beneficial for your health. So, why not book a ticket at a local bowling alley this weekend and try it on, right?

Is there any other question you want us to clarify? Please don’t hesitate to write in the comment section.