Basic Skills In Bowling – A Detailed Guideline For Beginners

Bowling is a popular sport that includes many interesting rules, and it’s also easy for beginners to play. You can gain various advantages by bowling with friends or participating in a bowling match. 

If you are a bowling beginner, you should learn some basic skills in bowling to improve your performance. The more regularly you practice, the more achievements you will gain. 

This article will provide you with several fundamental techniques in bowling so that you can try to practice. Now, let’s scroll down!

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Basic Skills In Bowling

Hook A Bowling Ball

How to improve your bowling skills? The first skill you need to learn is hook bowling, as this technique mostly differs from beginners to skillful players. Hook bowling, also known as curl or curve bowling, is more difficult for amateurs to do than straight bowling.

Instead of throwing the ball in a straight line, you curve the ball so that it collides with the lane. Doing hook bowling will help you get more strikes because the ball hits the pins with a stronger force.

Bowl A Straight Ball

Bowling A Straight Ball Is Common For Beginners - SportPreferred
Bowling A Straight Ball Is Common For Beginners –

What are the basic skills in bowling? Straight bowling is the most common skill most beginners use in their bowling game. Bowling a straight ball can help you knock down the pins, but it’s not as efficient as hook bowling. Straight bowling runs down the lane directly, so the ball may not hit all pins.

However, straight bowling will be significantly helpful if you determine the lane and how to throw the ball in the pockets. 

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Comfortable Fingertip Grip

A Comfortable Grip Keeps The Ball Fitted - SportPreferred
A Comfortable Grip Keeps The Ball Fitted – SportPreferred

A relaxing fingertip grip will bring a comfortable feeling and confident manner while throwing the bowling ball. Several players do their grips incorrectly because they lack knowledge of the ball’s weight. It’s a big problem that you should avoid to have a good performance.

Follow these steps, and you will understand how to use your fingertip grip effectively. First, concentrate and consider whether your grips are comfortable uplifting the bowling ball. Remember to do a proper ball swing. To swiftly obtain your ball and avoid missing the pins, you should change your middle, ring, and thumb fingers.

Exercise this technique for around 2 mins with the ball as it trains your fingers to retain the holes in your hands. You still have to control the bowling ball for several durations, even when you have a comfortable grasp. Thus, take your time to practice, then you’ll know how to keep the ball fitted in your hands.


To do bowling cranks, you need to generate maximum power while bowling. Cranking the ball is one of the best ways to bring down the pins if you do it precisely; otherwise, you’ll be unable to control the ball. When your ball loses its direction because of the sharp hooking movement, it generates terrible throws. 

Use a cupped wrist or excessive wrist action to quickly and roughly throw the ball. You should try to release the ball decisively to create a strong rate of revolutions.

Power Strokers

Bowling players who try to maintain a constant form and high pressure are called ‘power strokers’. It’s an advanced skill that requires you to keep a steady form when bowling at a high revolution rate. 

Use a higher backswing and shoulders to make your ball rotate better and generate great throws.

Maintain Your Footwork Consistently

Perhaps you don’t know; your probability of knocking down the pins depends on your footwork. It is the core of your entire muscle strategy. Players are often concerned that taking a short or lengthy run will be more effective. 

It’s advisable to take a long run before you throw the ball. A long run will increase your stamina on the feet, accumulate the force on your muscles, and encourage your biceps to release the ball fully.

Controlling your body when falling down in an oily lane is also difficult. You should wear bowling shoes as they stick to the surface and make sure you don’t tumble down. You need much time to learn how to control your feet and release the ball successfully against the pins.

Maximizing Your Speed

Speed Is A Vital Factor - SportPreferred
Speed Is A Vital Factor – SportPreferred

Speed is a considerable factor that every player wants to control in bowling. You frequently think about other playing techniques instead of speed. Another mistake is that you might not know the timing to huck the bowling ball. Sometimes, throwing the ball too fast is not always the greatest strategy.

Professional players practice a lot to control the speed of the ball. That’s why they know how to use the right speed to make the ball quickly release and slowly hit the pins. 

Releasing a ball at 22 miles an hour will help you get great throwing strikes, but it’s quite difficult if you’re an amateur. 

Release Time

Deciding The Right Release Time Is Important - SportPreferred
Deciding The Right Release Time Is Important – SportPreferred

It’s important to decide if you’ll need a slow or quick release to get the pins down instantly. If you set up your release time wrongly, the chance of getting more pins will be lower. 

Before releasing the bowling ball, remember to take a long run, then restrain your muscles as it will give your muscles more force. After that, you need to make an immediate hit so that the ball can rapidly run and bring down the pins. 

Furthermore, you have to maintain the ball above your waist and apply pressure on it. Release the bowling ball for around 5 secs based on your location and footwork. Don’t keep the ball for too long or throw it too soon because it won’t get enough force to run down the lane and hit the pins. Finally, swing the ball from the pin bar’s left side to the center.


Our article has provided you with many basic skills in bowling so that you can follow, learn, and practice one by one. Bowling is a sport that By focusing on these techniques, you can improve your bowling competence and play this sport better. 

To see results, you will need to practice regularly and do these skills correctly. If you have any questions or find it difficult to follow, contact us, and we will answer you in detail.